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Know which friends are also at the same event. A feature on WotNow app.
5 points by WotNowapp 100 days ago | 2 comments
Know which friends are also at the same event.

WotNow is an events and social experience mobile app. It enhances event experiences by letting users know which of their friends are also at the same event.

How do you feel about this feature?

WotNow app started when Deepa Salem was juggling both a family and career while being overwhelmed with information. Information such as a clutter of e-mail or multiple social media accounts to keep track of. So Salem created the WotNow app in order to remind her of daily events in order to both better coordinate her schedule and save time.

Official website is On Android and iPhone.



1 point by bismillaa 100 days ago | link

How do you protect against spam and unsolicited stuff?


1 point by junior 100 days ago | link

This is a cool concept.