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Hey guys! I have finally launched my Android app MoveIt in beta version. I have been working on this app for five and half months now. MoveIt is a app that helps you to transfer your Images, Videos or audios(music to SD Card and vice versa. The idea of this app struck me when one day I was trying to figure out a easy and effective way to transfer my media to SD Card to free up some space. So I decided to make an app that helps me manage SD Card effectively and then i stated working on MoveIt.

Through MoveIt you guys can easily transfer your media to SD Card and vice versa. I have also made a cleaner which helps in cleaning up Junk.

I have launched my app in Beta version. So would greatly appreciate if you guys could download my app and comment and share it with your friends so that i can improve it. Here is the link:

You can also join our MoveIt beta testers community for more updates-

Would really appreciate if you comment on my app and help me improve it.