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Find, track & cancel unwanted subscriptions with Smart Bill (UK only)
1 point by nik2shah 340 days ago | discuss
Hi guys,<p>Looking for Beta users for the UK's first subscription management platform at<p>Ever signed up to a free trial that started charging without your knowledge?<p>We accurately identify all your recurring payments on one clean dashboard and cancel unwanted services in a single click. 60% of people have unnoticed subscription payments wasting £1bn+ each year in the UK alone. Common subscriptions include DropBox, Spotify, Netflix & Apple but there are thousands more.<p>We also keep an eye on your bills to protect you from unnoticed price hikes, duplicate payments and bank fees. Plus we have some really cool features on the way to save you even more money!<p>Smart Bill has your back, we’re honest and we’re free…..yes really ☺