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Hey firespotters! Awesome to be here, ready to read / discuss your comments! I'm Antonio, CEO and Co-Founder at Ludwig.

We started Ludwig because Writing in good English is a daily challenge for millions of non-native English users, faced with linguistic barriers, misunderstandings and a sense of inferiority (Converting an idea into a sentence takes an English-as-a-Foreign-Language user on average 4 times longer than a native English speaker, with worse results). We perfectly know how it feels and decided to build the product we always wanted to have. Ludwig is a linguistic search engine that lets you search and solve your linguistic doubts, helps you to turn your ideas into well-written texts, makes you more independent and confident at your job.

How can you use it? - To get reliable English translations, with contextualized examples - To check your English sentences by comparing them side by side with reliable examples - To find the inspiration to express your ideas with ease and learn how to write more effectively

It is for freeeeee!

Let me know what you think of it and (if you want) le me have your feedback. Thanks a lot, Antonio