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Idea: Instacart for Local Farms. Fire!
9 points by blendahtom 1688 days ago | 13 comments
Instacart is really cool service BUT it still does not bring the freshest foods available.

Think of it as Instacart meets CSA

3 points by cretine123 1687 days ago | link

How will you differentiate between two vendors who sell organic Tomatoes at the same price? As long as the customer gets the tomatoes, does it matter? I am just trying to understand the value. Or do you only facilitate transaction between a vegetable seller and a buyer who already is a customer to that specific vendor (presumably from previous visits)?


3 points by kingkong 1687 days ago | link

I think he would aggregate the vendor side. And he would hold critical db of buyers. And patterns. This is going to be big.


1 point by blendahtom 1687 days ago | link


For instance I went to the farmers market yesterday and took pictures of all the prices at the stands that are quality that I know.

When we pick up we go and pick out the their veggies being very particular.


2 points by cretine123 1686 days ago | link

" pick out the their veggies being very particular" - Do you mean you pick their veggies IN particular. For example you will pickup Organic Cabbage from A SPECIFIC vendor, Tomatoes from ANOTHER Vendor and such? IF that is the case, I see two issues: Organic farmers that come to these markets do not have produce in such volume to cater to many many households. If I got the farmers market at 2pm on a weekend, most of their produce is sold out.

Second point is more a process point - I understand you are using farmers market as a metaphor, but is there a need for you to be physically rooted to the markets? Most of the farmers truck their produce very early in the day (4-5am) and come and setup shop in a farmers market by 7am. Would it not be efficient for them to send you their prices (Text or App) 30 minutes before they leave and you can tell them "You are the one we are going to be picking up tomoatoes in bulk from today. So bring extra". Or even pushing the case further, would it make sense for them to just come over to your office and give the tomoatoes, skipping farmers market entirely?


2 points by cretine123 1687 days ago | link

In India, where I am from, a vegetable vendor comes with rolling a cart full of vegetables from the market and my mother buys from him. He comes at 7am. Is this something similar? Agreed you don't come in rolling cart, but you get the idea.


1 point by blendahtom 1687 days ago | link

Its a little different.

I basically aggregate all of the vendors into one menu of items.

I then go pick up from said vendors and deliver the food to customers who cant make it out to the markets.


2 points by statboy 1688 days ago | link

Logistics would be a nightmare in this scenario. But as a direct from farms concept, this holds much promise


2 points by blendahtom 1688 days ago | link

I live in a small rural area and will be talking with farm owners and members of csa's today to gauge the pain points.

Simplified it's a milk man for veggies.

Expand on the logistics issues please.


1 point by statboy 1688 days ago | link

It is difficult to get the economics right if you are dealing with veggies. The number at which you would turn profitable would be the number where people will choose other options. It works for groceries bcos the economics still look ok


3 points by blendahtom 1687 days ago | link

I went to the farmers market today and i am going to run a test at the next farmers market.

I will take orders from people not able able go to the farmers market.

I will markup each item and then charge a delivery fee.

Going to start out small 5 customers with order sheets filled out 2days before.


2 points by jehna1 1687 days ago | link

That's the spirit! Yeah!

Please do share your journey with us, I'd be happy to hear more :)


2 points by kingkong 1687 days ago | link

You are going to succeed, no matter what.

Your actions remind me of the zerocarter story.

Good luck!


2 points by blendahtom 1687 days ago | link

It's funny I went to get my haircut today and mentioned that I would like to help farmers after I had read this article.

She said I love fresh veggies and local food but I cant get out of work to get any.

She said I will be your first customer!

Im pretty stoked because I dont have to spend any money or resources to validate this idea.