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Sign up for service that lets you find a partner and learn stuff together. Fire! (
5 points by shadowcats 1681 days ago | 5 comments

1 point by james 1677 days ago | link

shadowcats: how is this progressing, any matches yet? can we(/you?) make this a bit more 'open' - perhaps just put up a Google Group to enable some more discussion around it?


1 point by james 1678 days ago | link

Awesome, well done for taking the initiative :)

Would you mind making the data open, or at the least available on request?


1 point by shadowcats 1679 days ago | link

100% of signups wanna learn coding.

What shall I put in the copy for a coder-specific find-a-partner-for-learning site to make it enticing for y'all?


1 point by kingkong 1679 days ago | link

Launch it as an app. This one will work.


1 point by shadowcats 1681 days ago | link