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Verbal Regular Expressions. Fire! (
4 points by jehna1 1343 days ago | 4 comments

2 points by fiatjaf 1332 days ago | link

I followed this tutorial a long time ago and learned everything about regex:

I'm very grateful to this guy.


1 point by jehna1 1343 days ago | link

This is something I came up with a couple days ago. If you're a developer, you know it's really hard to get regular expressions right.

It is even harder to teach how a regular expression works for someone who's new with the subject. So here's a earth-friendly way of writing them verbally in JavaScript.


2 points by esakki 1342 days ago | link

there was this on HN homepage:


1 point by jehna1 1341 days ago | link

Yes, and I prefer using but that's the opposite of Verbal Expressions.

Regexper and regex101 are tools to check the regular expression's correctness and meaning after you (or someone else) have written it. Verbal Expressions, on the other hand, is a tool meant to help you to write the actual expression.