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Idea: Quantifying Office Calendars
3 points by mrspotter 1686 days ago | 3 comments
I find it very surprising that tasks and meetings in the corporate world are still getting prioritized in a very chaotic manner. There is some good potential in trying to quantify this.

For instance, every team member gets a dynamic "urgency" score - this can be changed by the person running the whole effort at any time. And every meeting gets a similar score.

Now, when you try to invite a person for a meeting, it should be able to knock off an existing meeting on his calendar and take that position since you have a higher urgency.

Now this can be expanded to come up with different models, but the core is to quantify the whole office concept.

2 points by james 1677 days ago | link

People are people, not resources to be prioritized completely mechanically. People enjoy things like consistency and predictability, and some amount of control over their own lives.


1 point by coolchap 1686 days ago | link

This is an extremely difficult thing to get right, I cannot imagine how it would work.

Who decides the urgency? What if I disagree? How do you handle the other meeting organizer's issues, since you had accepted it earlier?

It is not a simple problem. But I can imagine that there would be a better way to handle this issue.


1 point by fiatjaf 1686 days ago | link

I think it is not that difficult, but it will vary a lot from company to company. You should observe closely the model of your company and try to build a prototype just for it. Them see if it works, tweak and launch to the general public.

I really like the idea, but I don't have any high-business-full-of-meetings knowledge.