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14 points by fiatjaf 2024 days ago | 4 comments

1 point by coolchap 2024 days ago | link

It solves the next steps issue we have here at FS. Good one. Upvoted.


1 point by fiatjaf 2023 days ago | link

thanks. it's a work in development. give some suggestions so I can implement them.


1 point by james 2017 days ago | link

- really simple 'im interested in working on this' button to build a list of people who want to work on an idea.

- conflict / question resolution - every idea has points on which people don't decide - allow these to be recorded as points of contention so that they can be broken down and resolved

- notifications - 'watch' an idea and have changes notified to me by email.


1 point by fiatjaf 2016 days ago | link

Are you interested in working on this, James?

you can pull requests on github and then I'll put them live:

or you can email me on my username at gmail.