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New Firespotting Feature: Fire!
11 points by npguy 1999 days ago | 3 comments
Hello Everyone!

We are happy to introduce a new Firespotting feature today, called Fire!.

Ideas get discussed and voted at Firespotting - and we have seen that in many cases, some users get together to work on the idea, and soon the idea evolves into a tool and/or product.

When an idea gets to a next step beyond discussion - like a github repo, or a google docs page for signup - when it has caught fire basically - they can now be tracked using the Fire! link on the header.

(Right now, this is implemented by the mods adding the word Fire! to the end of the idea's title). If some fires are not spotted this way, users can always 'suggest' ideas for Fire!, through the comments on the idea. (While we will try our best not to miss any Fires, we are happy to look into fires that we might have missed or Fires that we might miss in the future.)

Happy Firespotting!

1 point by DjangoReinhardt 1999 days ago | link

Does the idea need to be posted as a separate post or will the mods also be checking comments?

I recently commented on a post [1] that wondered if there was a way for following thoughts/events rather than people with one of my own called @updt_me [2] - should that count as getting caught on 'Fire!'?

I am not really sure if I should make a separate post for it as it would simply be repeating the same thing and the context of the discussion/need would probably get lost.

[1]: [2]:


1 point by npguy 1999 days ago | link

Can you add that as a separate post and link to the discussion from the new post? It is easier to call it Fire! that way. @updt_me definitely is Fire!.


1 point by DjangoReinhardt 1999 days ago | link


Thanks! Will add a post now. :)