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@updt_me: Tweet a (feed) URL & get updates delivered as Twitter DMs. Fire! (
3 points by DjangoReinhardt 1999 days ago | 1 comment

1 point by DjangoReinhardt 1998 days ago | link

Details about @updt_me:

User esakki posted an idea about being able to follow thoughts rather than people, i.e. instead of having to follow a person and their whole lifestream, a system that allowed following thoughts would be more beneficial. Link to the post:

About a week before, I had just deployed @updt_me - a service that allows you to follow sites/blogs with RSS/Atom feeds via Twitter, as a part of a self-learning project.

When I read esakki's post, I realized that it was something along the same lines as @updt_me and decided to see it it would catch 'Fire!' on Firespotting. :)