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Idea: IWillPay - App Requirements Marketplace. Fire!
7 points by coolchap 1991 days ago | 8 comments
Basically like an inverse kickstarter - people submit proposals saying "I will pay" - and then it gets voted up, and developers can pick the proposals with maximum revenue potential.

On second thought, we might not need a new marketplace - it is basically a tag on Firespotting, like 'Idea:' and 'Problem:'.

I will submit one and see how it goes.

1 point by LarryMade 1977 days ago | link

I was just thinking of something like this but called KickButter, where we raise funds to get developers to fix seemingly ignored bugs in various projects.


1 point by johnmurch 1974 days ago | link

Kinda of like


1 point by johnmurch 1990 days ago | link

I love this!!! Willing to build a MVP of this


1 point by killer 1990 days ago | link

It's time to call Fire! on this one, I think !


3 points by johnmurch 1990 days ago | link

Super Super early MVP/mockup (not functional, but does have Google oAuth integration) (i owe)


1 point by sharemywin 1975 days ago | link

Can you add a basic email login. I think people should be allowed to fork. and people should be able to bid. once it reaches a bid price user agree and all user that bid get code.


2 points by johnmurch 1974 days ago | link

Right now it's just Google oAuth - but I could add that. I structured it so it's 100 users is the goal. You can bid whatever you want (great than $0).

Just pushed a new update, go add some wants :)


1 point by davidsmith8900 1991 days ago | link

- I like this idea.