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Idea: Sell anything online with a single picture
7 points by miguelrochefort 1637 days ago | 10 comments
List an item for sale online by snapping a picture. That's it.

Mechanical Turk (or an alternative) is used for describing the item, which is then submitted to eBay, Craigslist and the system's own marketplace.

The idea is to make listing an item for sale frictionless. The problem is that you can't know everything by looking at a picture.

Letting people describe the item vocally, snap more than one picture, or make a short video (Vine style) could solve part of the issue.

I'm seriously considering building this, but until now most people told me it would never work. I'd love some feedback.

2 points by jlengrand 1636 days ago | link

Quite funny, we thought about the exact same idea with a friend some time ago. The idea was to be able to seamlessly put stuff on craiglist by taking a single picture of the object.

Our assumption is that lots of people don't sell their stuff because it takes too much time/ddication to take the object, present it nicely, describe it, . . . for only a few bucks in the end.

Our idea was: - the guy takes a picture - Puts a price - Validates


I am also quite sure it would be a successful project, if linked to a current big player (craiglist, ebay, whatever).

Not that much work to implement, isn't it? I'm fully open to discuss this :)


2 points by jasonywz 1636 days ago | link

check out


1 point by reporter 1636 days ago | link

The difference is you need to describe the listing yourself.


1 point by sharemywin 1600 days ago | link

Find a list of ebay sellers and see if they would buy it. Is it like $1.99 app? Not sure about craigslist think they have restrictions on posting.


1 point by james 1633 days ago | link

Love it.

The extra information that might be missing could be driven by the users of the site. Some things might just sell on their photo, but in the case where extra information was required, the User could say 'If this is more than one year old I'll pay $5, if it's 6 months old I'll pay $50', or 'if you have a receipt $10, without $1', or something - allow the users to specify the extra information they require that they actually care about, and have conditional offers to enable a sale in many circumstances.


1 point by reporter 1634 days ago | link

There is an ios app called sold that takes care of shipping as well.


1 point by sharemywin 1635 days ago | link I think has something similar. real simple to make a listing.


1 point by killer 1636 days ago | link

There is one other issue with this - some details that are relevant to the price that a pic or a mechturk cannot convey. Bought last year. Type of wood. Etc.

But there is a huge subset where this wud work. Look at cardmunch for the mechturk piece.

There is a business here but I dont know hpw big it would be. I think it is worth a try.


1 point by killer 1636 days ago | link

A video could solve some of this but there is an upload and share bottleneck with videos?


1 point by davidsmith8900 1636 days ago | link

- I think that it will work, I just think that your problem will be getting users to leave things that they are used to and try something new.