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Good post for entrepreneurs who are in a thirst for new startups, Thanks for sharing!

Good brief explanation about food ordering website, Thanks for sharing anyway!


Hi Everyone, maths iq is the app for students of every age and country. It provides all the maths questions for practice for every class with online test series. this app also finds the skills in which user lacks behind and helps him learn them with providing questions related to that specific skills. this app also comes with in inbuil solutions,skill & tricks which helps student to understand question and solve it faster.....

Does it really work?


those are awesome CSS shadows.

pretty expensive.

Let’s face it - the digital world made a pretty big boom as soon as it was introduced to us. There are so many brands out there now, making buying products and services easier than ever. However, it is safe to say that brand names just don’t mean as much anymore as they used to do in the physical world.

In short, consumers are no longer brand loyal - and the connection between a brand and a customer is not anymore the same. People have become sensitive about how they spend their time and who they actually trust. According to a survey, it was found that around 89% of people would listen to someone’s actual review or opinion of a brand, rather than the brand itself.

This situation was a breeding ground for many people who wanted to earn the trust of their followers and share real opinions about today’s products and services. They have been known under the term ‘influencers’ - and the best way to describe them is as digital ambassadors who spread the word about quality products and services. More importantly, digital ambassadors who have a wide reach and a large audience of people who trust them with every review and decision.

Therefore, influencer marketing is largely based upon testimonials, social proof and real reviews from real and authentic customers. A brand is known to always push a message, which is something that people have been used to but not anymore listen to. The times have changed, and the influencers (key leaders) are the new people that both brands and customers are shifting to.

Did we say brands - as well?

Yes. There are a lot of brands who started taking advantage of influencer marketing for their products and services. After finding that people value people more than brands nowadays, they decided to brand the messages behind every influencer they choose - and transform influencers to brand ambassadors.

If you think finding an influencer and transforming him into your brand ambassador is difficult - have you ever heard of Social Bond?

Basically, Social Bond is the all new influencer Marketing Platform base where you can aim for bigger targets, have bigger dreams and get more customers. All it takes is to sign up to the platform and see the active and popular influencers and all merchants with whom they are affiliated. On top of that, you can use these influencers as the most unique brand ambassadors that you need, reach out to a wide audience and achieve your targets!

And the best part? Social Bond makes tracking your influencer campaigns - and the amazing results they bring - amazingly easy. Join our network today, find your influencer(s) and start making most of your products and services online!

Great app for patient hand-off.

Heartbeats is an uber fast global uptime checker that provides detailed reports and is entirely free- keeping in line with Cloudrino's policy of making technology more accessible.

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A comprehensive dispatch solution for all transportations needs.
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Our mission is to explain your message in a clear way to your audience and increase your sales with video.
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what are the top free android games in 2017.

Hi, Everyone!

We are big fans of artificial intelligence and have just launched a new movie recommendation service - Just click the movies and tags you like and the system does the rest - in a few clicks, the systems adapts to your preferences and gives you the movies worth watching!

P.S. Service is free of charge, no registration required. We very much appreciate your feedback and comments!

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Dealspotr is the only crowdsourced coupon app in the world, focused on giving you the most up-to-date, accurate deals on the web while connecting influencers and savvy shoppers to the brands they love.
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Hey firespotters! Awesome to be here, ready to read / discuss your comments! I'm Antonio, CEO and Co-Founder at Ludwig.

We started Ludwig because Writing in good English is a daily challenge for millions of non-native English users, faced with linguistic barriers, misunderstandings and a sense of inferiority (Converting an idea into a sentence takes an English-as-a-Foreign-Language user on average 4 times longer than a native English speaker, with worse results). We perfectly know how it feels and decided to build the product we always wanted to have. Ludwig is a linguistic search engine that lets you search and solve your linguistic doubts, helps you to turn your ideas into well-written texts, makes you more independent and confident at your job.

How can you use it? - To get reliable English translations, with contextualized examples - To check your English sentences by comparing them side by side with reliable examples - To find the inspiration to express your ideas with ease and learn how to write more effectively

It is for freeeeee!

Let me know what you think of it and (if you want) le me have your feedback. Thanks a lot, Antonio

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Hi! i want to show to you this extremely useful service Writingcube! From time to time everyone everyone have to do some writing for their studies or for work. And almost always it takes a lot of time to crate something valuable. from nowadays there is no need to spend hours on writing, just let everything to our specialists! visit our website to learn more!
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Academic writing difficulties is a huge problem for me and my friends One of the most difficult and challenging tasks for colleges students is writing. One of the reasons is the lack of preparation in high school, the different requirements that professors ask the students in any subject, and the lack of motivation for writing. During this essay we are going to focus in these three difficulties. First of all, we have the lack of preparation that students have in high school, they do not develop the qualities for a good writing, having a huge deficiency in term of vocabulary, reading comprehension, poor writing, and the lack of opportunities to write in classes and get feedback form part of their professors.

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The project focuses on making C development easier and provides many modules (.e.g stream, asio, regex, container, algorithm ...), so that any developer can quickly pick it up and enjoy the productivity boost when developing in C language.
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love it

Exactly how the commercial internet shd have evolved.

Hey guys! I have finally launched my Android app MoveIt in beta version. I have been working on this app for five and half months now. MoveIt is a app that helps you to transfer your Images, Videos or audios(music to SD Card and vice versa. The idea of this app struck me when one day I was trying to figure out a easy and effective way to transfer my media to SD Card to free up some space. So I decided to make an app that helps me manage SD Card effectively and then i stated working on MoveIt.

Through MoveIt you guys can easily transfer your media to SD Card and vice versa. I have also made a cleaner which helps in cleaning up Junk.

I have launched my app in Beta version. So would greatly appreciate if you guys could download my app and comment and share it with your friends so that i can improve it. Here is the link:

You can also join our MoveIt beta testers community for more updates-

Would really appreciate if you comment on my app and help me improve it.

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Do like the comparison "...NBA related Most Valuable Player..." this is the first thing I thought about. :) Thanks for the link.
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Hey, do you feel the difference between Minimum Viable Product and Minimal Viable Product?
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Totally agree. App should solve your user's problem, not be "everything for everything".

Agree with an article, startup should take 4–6 weeks to launch, not 4–6 months.
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