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Dynamo is a new and modern tool to make money from your podcast easily.

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nice is placing direct bookings as the priority for the new meta-search engine. Members can get promo codes to use on hotels’ official website for an instant discount. What is more, whenever a hotel is offering any benefits for booking directly (e.g. free breakfast or better cancellation policy) it will be visible in the search results. Additionally, the lowest price from all the booking sites is shown - in this case, a tourist can choose the best option based on facts given by hotel and travel sites. Both hotelier and a customer are profitable in this model.
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here is the link

Pour une formation diplomante et de qualite en coupe, couture, stylisme et modelisme, HECC a démarré les cours de la rentrée académique 2017/2018 (1ere, 2eme et 3eme annee) depuis le 2 novembre 2017 dans les métiers suivants :

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Coupe Couture Stylisme Modelisme Travaux manuels (teinture, broderie, perlage, serigraphie etc… Informatique Entrepreneuriat

Former une nouvelle génération de praticiens de l'habillement capable de s'insérer dans le milieu professionnel ou de se prendre en charge pour parvenir à la création de leur propre entreprise


The Free Chess Club Team here. We made a web app to play online chess on FICS — one of the oldest internet chess server out there. FICS (the free alternative to ICC) has been around since 1995 and has a community of over 800,000 registered users. FICS offers a ton of invaluable chess resources including support for a wide variety of awesome desktop chess interfaces. What's been lacking for a while is a fast and sleek web interface to access FICS from within the browser, and The Free Chess Club steps in to fill that need.

The Free Chess Club is a modern web-based interface (think Lichess or to access the Free Internet Chess Server, right within your browser!

Awesome idea! My bank offers customization but you're right - it sucks getting a card replacement every time. Definitely pledging for me and the crew

It’s 2017 and we can personalize everything we own BUT the one thing we use almost every day. Banks told us to get a new card every time we wanted to change the look (yawn). So, we decided to make CUCU Covers. The temporary and replaceable covers stick to your existing bank card. We have been using them on our cards for the past few months and the reactions have been amazingtastic. Now it’s time to bring these covers to the rest of the world, so here we are.

Our social mission is already leaving an impact. We support homeless youth artists and created a specific collection for their artwork. All the proceeds from this collection are returned directly to the artists.

We are now live on Kickstarter. Please support us in bringing this idea to life :)

If you want to find it in the app store just search "Playbook startup advice"

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